18 Jun 18

Don't Forget These Important Things When Looking for Luxury Villas

Don't Forget These Important Things When Looking for Luxury Villas

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When searching for luxury villas, there are certain things that you should always have in the back of your mind, such as your preferred location. Whether you are looking for luxury villas in Marbella or luxury villas in Ibiza, the same set of factors should be considered. Of course, if you know exactly where you want to be during your holiday then, for example, it can be easy to search for all Portugal luxury villas but Algarve ones may be a better search criteria if you want to be by the coast. In other words, you should try to hone your search based on your preferences. But what might these be?

### Luxury Villas to Rent for Family Holidays

AH 93

If you want a relaxing family holiday home that you can call your own away from a noisy hotel, then renting a villa will be for you. What are the key features to look out for? One of the main things that makes a luxury villa stand out for families is the amount of garden space that will be available to play in. One of the luxury villas in Tenerife that provides this is AH 93. The villa is large and suited to extended family holidays or two families sharing its facilities together. You should also consider searching for luxury villas in Ibiza or elsewhere which are specifically listed as family friendly, for instance offering a pool fence to prevent little ones from falling in. This is very simple once you have entered your desired location because you can tick all of your family's preferences, like proximity to a supermarket, and then just update your search.

### Luxury Villas to Rent for Sporting Breaks

AH 2729

Some areas have a reputation for great golfing facilities no matter which villa you choose. Luxury villas for Algarve bound travellers are bound to be within striking distance of a course, for example. AH 1716 is a sumptuous four bedroom villa that overlooks the fairway of the nearby course in this part of the world, for instance. There again, you might also look at AH 725 which is also in the Algarve and only five minutes from the well-known golf courses of Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago. However, if golf is not your thing, then why not look for luxury villas with other criteria prioritised in your search, such as tennis courts? The tremendous villa AH 2422 on the Costa Del Sol provides a private pool, a tennis court and a sauna to relax in afterwards, as just one example. Among the luxury villas in Mallorca with access to tennis facilities is AH 2729 - this one even has its own table tennis table to continue the sporting fun! Needless to say, most of the luxurious villas that are close to beachfronts will also afford visitors the opportunity of taking part in water sports, like diving and windsurfing, too.

### Luxury Villas Suited to Honeymooners

AH 102

When it comes to your honeymoon, getting the accommodation right is essential. Therefore, it is important to note that searches for luxury villas to rent for couples will often yield gems. Because so many of the luxuriously appointed villas on offer suited to larger parties, searching for a more intimate one for a honeymooning couple is a great idea. To give you an idea, search for luxury villas in Marbella for couples and check out the results. One of the luxury villas in Tenerife that fits the bill for a romantic break is AH 102. Although it can accommodate up to six people, it is ideal for couples and situated in a quiet spot not far from the sea. One of the smaller luxury villas in Mallorca which also fits the bill is AH 2567 with two bedrooms, a superb private garden and an outdoor pool.