3 Sep 18

How to Make Your 2019 Summer Holidays Very Special

Looking for a family villa for 2019 which has that certain something else that marks it apart from other luxury villas? Perhaps you want to find the ideal 2019 villa holiday destination that is off the beaten track and will afford you cherished memories? Maybe you are looking at villas for 2019 that are at the pinnacle of sophistication and luxury? Whatever it is that will mark your villa holiday out as a special one in the summer of 2019, read on to discover some of the most remarkable and distinctive luxury villas around.

Honeymoon Villas


When you are relaxing but still celebrating after you have got married, the ideal villas for 2019 will be that bit smaller and provide a more intimate setting for your honeymoon. Newlyweds who want to get away from it all can do so with a 2019 villa holiday at a superb residence like AH2567. This country cottage in Pollensa, Mallorca has a favourable countryside location but is not far from the beach. With just two bedrooms and a private pool, it is the perfect bolthole for a truly romantic break. Equally suited to honeymooners, AH2482 is a townhouse style of villa with a heated plunge pool, an exquisite lounge and an en-suite bathroom connected to its generous master suite.

Family Get-Togethers


Maybe you want a family villa for 2019 that will be large enough to fit everyone in? If making your holiday special means inviting your extended family, then how about the brand new AH2815 which can sleep up to 13 guests and never feel like it is overcrowded. With no less than eight bathrooms and en-suites plus six separate bedrooms, this architecturally pleasing southern Spain residence is suited to big groups of all kinds. If you have an even larger party, then perhaps AH2992 will be more to your liking. This Tenerife villa is able to house 20 guests although it can accommodate smaller groups as well. With free Wi-Fi and secure parking facilities, the property is among the best on the entire island for groups which extend beyond the immediate family. There are more than enough bedrooms to fit everyone in and you won't need to worry about guests having sufficient access to the bathroom because this larger than average residence has five to choose from.

Infinity Pools


Have you ever wanted to rent your own accommodation specifically because it provides you with an infinity pool? If this luxurious property feature is on your wish list, then why not consider some of the luxury villas in Spain that have them. For example, AH2964 is a sumptuous eight bedroom villa with a privately heated infinity pool. What's more the villa comes with a jacuzzi, a ten-person hot tub and a plot that is in excess of 2,500 square metres. Likewise, the Ibiza villa AH2914 in Sant Joseph offers you the chance to enjoy uninterrupted views from your very own infinity pool. This remarkable residence also has large grounds that include a tennis court plus the usual high-quality sun loungers and outdoor furniture you'd expect. Elsewhere, you can find infinity pools in properties like AH2467 which also has an extremely lavish poolside terrace. This property's pool is also great for kids because it has a bubbly area that is raised up for little ones to paddle in.