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There are two sides to this stunning island - luxury Ibiza villas, millionaire yachts and beautiful scenery sitting happily alongside being the "party capital of the world". Ibiza is a place for all ages and with more than 60 glorious beaches, many surrounded by luxury Ibiza villas to rent, it is perfect for sun worshippers too. If sporting activities close to one of our Ibiza luxury rentals are on the agenda, then the island offers stunning golf courses, horse riding, tennis, beach volleyball and many more. No matter what size the party, we have incredible luxury villas for rent in Ibiza, all in the very best locations around the island. Picture arriving at one of our luxury holiday villas Ibiza, sparkling in the sun, knowing that this is just one of several luxury Ibiza villas that we have to offer which include a private pool and air conditioning; our luxury Ibiza villa rentals offer this as standard.