Tenerife Villas: Situated in the Atlantic ocean, Tenerife tells two vary different tales. In the north of the island you have a very local atmosphere and life style with many working towns. While in the south you have a perfect holiday destination with many golden sand beaches, daily sunshine and a vibrant nightlife.

Tenerife is the third-largest Mediterranean island and one of the most popular tourist destinations, attracting over 8 million tourists per year.

This combination of styles gives a great appeal to the destination as it allows one to mix a traditional english holiday enjoying the sunshine while taking in the local canarian culture.

Tenerife offers a wealth of culture that most tourists fail to uncover during their holiday, within the local towns or backstreets of Santa Cruz and La Laguna you will find a thriving community of locals living without the need for mass tourism. It is within these local bars and restaurants that you will get a feel for the true Tenerife.

This is one of the joys of a villa holiday in Tenerife, you are given that flexbility to make your own holiday choose what you want to do and to really experience what your chosen destination has to offer.

Azure Holiday's travel advisors will strive to ensure you have the perfect villa holiday and take in as much or as little culture as you like. Remember though if you are cutting back this holiday the local bars and restaurants not only have more culture but they will save you a fortune due to the much lower prices.

If you do travel outside the local tourists spots why not try the following to really fit in:

Have lunch around 2pm followed by a long siesta then try a local tapas bar and enjoy with a aperitif. Dinner should not start until 9pm this will continue til late in the evening, if you have children take them with you as the locals have a saying 'if I can take my wife, I can take my children'.

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